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Shopping with Camera Paradise is safe and fast. These are the steps from placing your order to receiving your order.

  • After your order is received and full payment is cleared, your order will be processed on the next working day.
  • For most orders, it will take 2-3 working days* for us to process and prepare shipment.
    • If your PayPal account comes with an unverified address, an extra of 2 or more working days may apply.
  • After your order is shipped, you will receive the tracking details via email.
    • To track the shipping status of your order, please enter your Email Address and Order Number on Order Tracker.
  • Typically you will receive the order in the next 2-4 working days** after dispatch.

*Particular products may require extra working days to process. Please refer to corresponding product pages for accurate information. Also, if your order contains products requiring extra working days, your order will be shipped after all products are ready. For example, if an order contains a product requiring 2-3 working days AND another product requiring 5-7 working days, we will process and ship the order in 5-7 working days.

**It will take 5-10 working days for PO Box addresses & particular areas. However, it is strongly recommended that you do not use PO Box address because signature will be required to release the parcel, which may lead to further delays. Also, please refer to below table for shipping time for different countries.

Note #1: If you request to change delivery address, we will attempt to do so for you. However, we do not guarantee any success and you may have to contact the courier directly.

Note #2: Inquires or additional instructions about an order may lead to delays because we may hold that order for further instructions. Camera Paradise will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience caused by the delay.


What is the meaning of my order status (Pending, Processing, or Shipped)?

Order Status How´s Your Order Coming Along?
Pending Your order has been placed successfully and payment is cleared. The order will be processed on the next working day.
Processing Your order is being processed. Your order will be shipped within 2-3 working days*.
Shipped Your product(s) has been shipped and a tracking number will be emailed to you. Shipping time will take 2-4 working days**.


How long is the shipping time?

The UK - Area Served Shipping Time*
(Day of Dispatch = 0)
All areas
(Islands of UK may take above such time)
3-5 working days


Malaysia, Singapore - Area Served Shipping Time*
(Day of Dispatch = 0)
All areas 2-4 working days


Australia - Area Served (Postal Code) Shipping Time*
(Day of Dispatch = 0)
New South Wales
2 working days
Western Australia

4000-4022, 4029-4183, 4205-4275, 4500-4521, 9000-9601
3 working days

Australian Capital Territory
0200-0299, 2600-2609, 2612-2617, 2900-2914

New South Wales
1001-1999, 2100-2234, 2300-2890

4025, 4184, 4280-4498, 4550-4895, 9726-9861


3000-3996, 8001-8873

Western Australia
6031-6215, 6218-6701, 6705-6770

Northern Territory
0800- 0886

4 working days
Rest of the country

PO Box address
5-10 working days

* Shipping Time applies to working days in the destination and excludes the time for customs clearance, act of god, and any other unforseeable or uncontrollable circumstances.